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Reducing plastic waste in Malta

A local blog entry on living plastic-free a whole month has been on my mind for a while. Being in the Mediterranean makes me more aware of plastic waste. In Egypt, gorgeous observation points and splendid buildings were often marred by piles of plastic waste accumulating around them. In Israel, all vendors insisted on packing everything in plastic. I collected these bags and took them with me to the market, but even with my restrictive habits, I had to vacate a full cupboard section of plastic bags before I moved out.

Now in Malta plastic bags are typically given by default, and they are not like the super useful Lithuanian plastic bags with handles, that can be used for carrying stuff and are easy to tie. On a windy morning, carelessly discarded garbage becomes a chaotic orchestra, with papers swishing about, cans rattling and plastic bags rustling. The news came out today that recycling has dropped in Malta, one of the least recycling countries in the EU, and so the crowded beautiful island is drowning in garbage. I’d like to imagine that perhaps the figures quoted in the newspaper are partly to do with people using less plastic and having less to discard, but I strongly doubt it.

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Gabija Grušaitė, „Stasys Šaltoka: vieneri metai“

Lietuviška emigracijos literatūra – kaip lietuviški filmai. Eini, daug nesitiki, kažkiek „sergi“ už autores, kad šį kartą pasisektų, paskui skaniai paburnoji, kad iki tarptautinio lygio visgi netraukia. Tačiau laikas, praleistas vartojant kūrinį, neatrodo sugaištas, net jei iš meninės pusės ne viskas ar bent jau ne visada patinka, nes lieka toks jausmas, kad kažko įdomaus išmokai apie Lietuvą pasaulyje ar panašiai. Taip buvo su Aurora ir Gabijos Grušaitės pirmuoju romanu.

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