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The Inoculation: a podcast on vaccination policies and anti-vaccination movements (co-hosted with Eva von Schaper, supported by a cross-border grant from
News story for DW Living Planet on bird trapping in Malta
Collaboration with Nara – reporting on alleged mistreatment of women during childbirth in Lithuania
Weekly show in Malta about science and innovation on Campus FM (I initiated, produced and co-hosted this podcast until June 2020).


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Making workplace disability quotas work in Malta
(Equal Times, 20/05/2020)

Lithuania: alcohol loses its ‘coolness’ tag
(Deutsche Welle, 31/01/2018)

Lithuania’s ‘extreme tourism’ rankles the Roma
(Politico Europe, 24/10/2016)

Thailand: nimble fingers, precarious lives
(Equal Times, 09/10/2015)

War nerves
(New Internationalist, May 2015, pp. 38-39)

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youth, migration, historical memory, health, accessibility and inclusion, environment, minorities


Lithuania – where ‘biodiversity funding’ is cutting down trees (with Vaida Pilibaitytė and Elena Reimerytė, EUObserver, 22/10/2021)

Who spreads the vaccine lies in the Baltics? (by Evita Puriņa, Eva von Schaper and me, Heliis Raudsik, and Sabīne Bērziņa)
(Re:Baltica, 28/02/2021)

How deportation became the core of Europe’s migration policy
(Jacobin, 24/07/2020)

Lithuania Is Forming a New Relationship With Its Past—and With Israel
(Foreign Policy, 18/10/2019)

Baltic farmers devastated by swine virus
(Equal Times, 22/09/2016)

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entrepreneurship, gender (in)equality, development, EU affairs, education, misinformation


Malta schools ask what’s a better uniform — ties or tracksuits
(Deutsche Welle, 29/05/2019)

An insider’s cultural guide to Kaunas: no more ‘fashion police’, promise
(the Guardian, 11/08/2015)

Latvia pushes majority language in schools, leaving parents miffed
(Deutsche Welle, 08/09/2018)

Malta’s Pride star drag queen Lakesiss: Believe in becoming a different person (AMuseZine, 21/09/2017)

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Paradise lost
(Horizon Guides, February 2020)

Muddling through stereotypes: a decade of traveling as an Eastern-European woman (Misadventures Mag, 09/11/2016)

An insider’s cultural guide to Kaunas: no more ‘fashion police’, promise
(the Guardian, 11/08/2015)

Seven (wonder) tips to visit post-revolution Egypt
(Cafe Babel, 07/05/2011)

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