Media portfolio

Published in Financial Times, Foreign Policy, Politico, the Guardian, Spiegel Online. One of the winners of the Financial Times‘ commentary competition – The Future of Britain Project; alum of Thread storytelling summer program at Yale University in 2016; IJP-supported internship at Der Spiegel 2015; Media4change grantee 2015 (human rights); Minority Rights Group grantee in 2014 – Thailand; Japan Foundation grant 2009; European Young Journalist Award 2008 Lithuanian winner.
Twitter: @daiva_hadiva


Reportage for DW Inside Europe – tourism in Malta
Collaboration with Nanook – reporting on alleged mistreatment of women during childbirth in Lithuania
Weekly show in Malta about science and innovation (I initiated, produced and co-hosted this podcast)

Selected articles:

SocietyPolitics and economyCultureTravelInterviews


Can Malta tackle its traffic problem?
(Equal Times, 01/08/2018)

Making workplace disability quotas work in Malta
(Equal Times, 20/05/2020)

Lithuania: alcohol loses its ‘coolness’ tag
(Deutsche Welle, 31/01/2018)

Lithuania’s ‘extreme tourism’ rankles the Roma
(Politico Europe, 24/10/2016)

Thailand: nimble fingers, precarious lives
(Equal Times, 09/10/2015)

War nerves
(New Internationalist, May 2015, pp. 38-39)

Thematic portfolios:

Youth, migration, historical memory, health, different abilities, environment, minorities


Lithuania Is Forming a New Relationship With Its Past—and With Israel (Foreign Policy, 18/10/2019)

Why South Asia makes a good match for Britain after Brexit
(Financial Times, 29/01/2017)

Baltic farmers devastated by swine virus
(Equal Times, 22/09/2016)

Lithuania attempts to tackle its alcohol crisis with welfare cuts
(Equal Times, 15/02/2016)

We don′t want to be neighbours
Article on Ukraine’s EU integration aspirations, which won the European Young Journalist Award in 2008 (originally published in Atgimimas)

Thematic portfolios:

Entrepreneurship, gender (in)equality, development, EU affairs, education


An insider’s cultural guide to Kaunas: no more ‘fashion police’, promise
(the Guardian, 11/08/2015)

Malta’s Pride star drag queen Lakesiss: Believe in becoming a different person (AMuseZine, 21/09/2017)

Video artist: we are more connected to trees than this concrete (interview with Carolin Koss) (Eve, 08/06/2018)

More on culture and arts


Paradise lost
(Horizon Guides, February 2020)

Muddling through stereotypes: a decade of traveling as an Eastern-European woman (Misadventures Mag, 09/11/2016)

Lake Vištytis: natural wonders and border tourism (part of #MyWonderfulEurope campaign, 09/06/2016)

An insider’s cultural guide to Kaunas: no more ‘fashion police’, promise
(the Guardian, 11/08/2015)

Seven (wonder) tips to visit post-revolution Egypt
(Cafe Babel, 07/05/2011)

Blog entries here.

My comment for the Swedish magazine Resa.


Meeting her match (interview with UEFA delegate Tanya Gravina)
(Pink magazine, May 2018, p. 89)

Malta’s beloved fashionista Dorianne Mamo: I’m no wonderwoman and that’s OK
(Eve Malta, 12/07/2018)

Tenor Cliff Zammit Stevens: my advocacy comes from raw and genuine feelings
(Eve Malta, 13/09/2018)

Christabelle [Maltese Eurovision 2018 representative] on preparations for Eurovision and inspirations in life
(Eve Malta, 14/03/2018)

Artist Ryan Falzon: I don’t romanticise Valletta
(Eve Malta, 25/01/2018)

Economist Marie Briguglio: GDP and inflation are proxies for measuring quality of life
(Eve Malta, 05/12/2017)

Tomas Šileika: ‘We sing about what hurts in Lithuania’
(Cafe Babel, 23/05/2013)

International experience

Journalism training

European Neighbourhood Policy seminar (Brussels and Kiev, European Journalism Center in cooperation with the Directorate General External Relations of the European Commission, July 10-14, 2007)

EU integration of Western Balkans – series of seminars and meetings (Belgrade, Zagreb and Ljubljana, European Commission and MediaConsulta, July 2008)

Seminar on EU enlargement (Brussels, European Commission, September 2008)

Photography course at Meno avilys (January-February 2009)

Media, democratization and international development (Budapest and Novi Sad, Central European University and Annenberg School of Communication Studies, University of Pennsylvania, June 28 – July 15, 2009)

The journalist – an endangered species? + print media workshop (Brussels, European Youth Press, October 12-14, 2010)

Babel Academy (Istanbul, October 8-12, 2010)

Photography workshop at European Youth Media Convention (Berlin, November 3-6, 2010)

Translation and communication traineeship, including newsletter development, internal communication, event management (Luxembourg, European Parliament Directorate General for Translation, April-September 2012)

Riga summer school on investigative reporting at SSE Riga (Riga, August 16-18, 2012)

Workshop on how to attract diverse audiences and solve ethical dilemmas, by Anthony Howson (BBC) at Transparency International in Lithuania (Vilnius, October 26, 2013)

Minority Rights Group online training course “Minority rights in the news” (October-November 2014)

Workshop on reporting on vulnerable groups, by Diane Kemp (ex-BBC) at Transparency International in Lithuania (2016)

THREAD summer school on innovative storytelling at Yale University (June 2016)

Diversity and resilience – journalism workshop by the Thomson Reuters Foundation at European Forum Alpbach (2018)

Reporting in the digital age – workshop with Deutsche Welle political correspondent Maximiliane Koschyk (November 2018)

European Collaborative Journalism Programme – Alfred Toepfer Stiftung (27 February – 1 March 2020)

Solutions journalism for migration reporters – The Local (May-June 2020)

Popular science writing – Cambridge University (June-July 2020)

ComLab – an event by Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung and Internationale Journalistenprograme (12-16 June, 2020)