Portfolio: different abilities

Able-ism and exclusion

Making workplace disability quotas work in Malta
(Equal Times, 20/05/2020)

Healing mental disorders with concrete
(English version of Media4Change-funded reporting on EU funding and social care for people with mental disabilities in Lithuania, 15/04/2016, originally published in 15min.lt)

Unwrapping intimacy
(THINK magazine No. 29, September 2019): the lives of young people with mental disabilities are restricted by inadequate infrastructure, societal stigma and parental over-protection.

Empowerment and solutions

[Video] Accessible science: Denise Camilleri interviews Claude Bajada
(THINK magazine, February 2020): I produced this video, where neuroscientist Dr Claude Bajada answers questions posed by Denise Camilleri from the Opening Doors theatre group. Among other questions that make neuroscience more accessible to the general public, Denise asks about research on the brains of people living with Down’s Syndrome, like her and her colleagues

[Podcast] Alternative communication for Maltese speakers
(ReThink podcast, 11/02/2020): we interview a duo from a public entity and an IT team at the University of Malta, who are committed to further developing an app built by a student to help Maltese-speaking children who cannot articulate words

[Podcast] Brain control
(ReThink podcast, 28/01/2020): we interview two members of a team working to create a brain-signal-controllable bed for patients who cannot move

They are the champions (with Shruti Sundaresan)
(THINK magazine No. 30, December 2019): the story of Malta’s paralympic movement and profiles of the archipelago’s promising parathletes

Meet the first Maltese man to get a license for a wheelchair accessible vehicle
(Lovin Malta): interview with Clifford Portelli