On perceptions of threat

[Entries from 2008 are imported from another blog] This shows the relevance of the research, although my informants, asked about perceptions of threat, seemed to be convinced that this is an entirely American thing 🙂 Europeans see China as a threat to security

Media analysis resources

[Entries from 2008 are imported from another blog] I really love the book: Allan Bell. 1991. The language of news media. Oxford, UK ; Cambridge, MA : Blackwell. I just wish I had more time to really read it, and not scan it. It’s too detailed sometimes and presents rather common-sense facts, but I see it as a good description …

Main concerns (fieldwork)

[Entries from 2008 are imported from another blog] The main problems I’m having with the thesis are the following: How to write critically about the people who were so helpful and wasted their precious time to help me with a totally minor paper? Too few interviews, but nothing can be done about it anymore. Incomplete grasp of the field. Ideally …

Leaving Brussels

[Entries from 2008 are imported from another blog] So, my fieldwork is kind of over, I have five interviews and one possibility to interview someone online. It was more complicated than I expected, but the material, I think, is great, and the last interview was extremely critical and helped me put together my research approaches. Also, the Tibet issue proved …

Elite anthropology resource

[Entries from 2008 are imported from another blog] I’m starting my academic blog with my MA thesis fieldwork in Brussels on knowledge-making about China. In case you might be interested, I found this article on elite interviewing quite useful: http://www.jstor.org/stable/419807 It’s not even Anthropology, rather Political Science, and not very new, but I found it useful.