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Lithuania: alcohol loses its ‘coolness’ tag (Deutsche Welle, 31/01/2018)

Eigenheime in Europa: ich wohne, also bin ich (Spiegel Online, in German, 09/09/2015)

War nerves (New Internationalist, May 2015, pp. 38-39)

Are Lithuania’s Swastika-Studded Marchers Really ‘Fascists’? (Forward Thinking, 10/03/2015)

Political life of students in Istanbul (with Emmanuel Haddad, FR/EN, Cafe Babel, 16/11/2010)

What changes will the Lithuanian education reform bring? (Equal Times, 26/02/2013)

Tomas Šileika: ‘We sing about what hurts in Lithuania’ (Cafe Babel, 23/05/2013)

LinkedIn Lithuania: crisis is catastrotunity for creative entrepreneurs (Cafe Babel, 10/04/2013)

In Lithuanian

Nemokamų praktikų kultūra: ar verta rinktis? (The culture of unpaid internships: is it worth it? Euroblogas and Delfi, 11/09/2013)

Mokyklos: reformuokite tai, kas blogiausia (Schools: reform what’s worst; Delfi)

Dėl nemokamo mokslo Tailande – į vienuolius arba pastorius (Becoming a monk or pastor in search for free education in Thailand, Kauno žinios, reprinted in Lietuvos žinios)

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