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Why South Asia makes a good match for Britain after Brexit (one of the winners of The Future of Britain Project, Financial Times, 29/01/2017)

Baltic farmers devastated by swine virus (European Commission’s and national measures to stop African swine fever and their social impact, reporting for Equal Times, 22/09/2016)

Healing mental disorders with concrete (English version of Media4Change-funded reporting on EU funding and social care for people with mental disabilities in Lithuania, 15/04/2016)

European cities demand a say in refugee policy (reporting from Barcelona for the Lithuania Tribune, 26/05/2016)

Veolia claim against Lithuania offers case in point for EU trade liberalisation sceptics (reporting from Strasbourg for the Lithuania Tribune, 03/02/2016)

Supporters and critics of Poland clash in European Parliament (reporting from Strasbourg for the Lithuania Tribune, 26/01/2016)

Refugee resettlement stalling: European Parliament debates binding obligations including Lithuania (reporting from Strasbourg for the Lithuania Tribune, 20/01/2016)

Why are Baltic States posing as anti-Greece? (New Internationalist, 01/07/2015)

Latvia’s euro ambitions undeterred by Cyprus bailout (Equal Times, 08/04/2013)

We don′t want to be neighbours (article on Ukraine’s EU integration aspirations, which won the European Young Journalist Award in 2008 (originally published in Atgimimas)

EU to lend for degrees abroad (Grads.co.uk, 26/07/2012)

So, what happens to Erasmus funds? (EYP Voice, 30/11/2012)

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Euroblogas articles

Liberty, equality… expulsion – on Roma evictions in France (Atgimimas, 02/09/2010). Related blog entry here.

Nationalism in Europe (Atgimimas, 26/06/2009), also republished by leading news portal Delfi. This article compared and analyzed the rise of ultra-nationalism in Europe.