Portfolio: migration

How deportation became the core of Europe’s migration policy (Jacobin Magazine, 24/07/2020)

The African asylum seekers stuck in a limbo in Malta (Equal Times, 16/03/2018)

Food business makes a difference for migrant women (Eve Malta, 30/12/2017)

Rejected asylum seekers: Malta is our only home (Eve Malta, 16/12/2017)

Ethnography and Russian Israelis in Tel Aviv: getting reluctant people to speak (Ethnography.com blog, February 2013)

In Lithuanian

Ryanair lietuviai (Ryanair Lithuanians, Euroblogas text of the month, 22/04/2014)

Neregistruoti ir nelaukiami: (ne) vieno romų vaiko istorija (Unregistered and unwelcome: a story of (more than) one Roma child; Euroblogas, 05/11/2013)

Liberty, equality… expulsion – on Roma evictions in France (Atgimimas, 02/09/2010). Related blog entry here.

Lithuanians shook up Brazil (IQ, October 2010)

Eastern European? Become a bar hostess – journalistic experiment on finding employment in bars offering company of foreign women in Tokyo (Atgimimas, 24/04/2009). Related blog entry in English is available here.

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