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Estimating the size of anti-vaccination movements
(The Inoculation, 19/02/2021)

How vaccinations became a matter of belief
(Nara, 10/02/2021)

Lithuania attempts to tackle its alcohol crisis with welfare cuts
(Equal Times, 15/02/2016)

Lithuania: alcohol loses its ‘coolness’ tag
(Deutsche Welle, 31/01/2018)

Brain control (interview with Maltese scientists developing a bed that patients can control with their brain signals)
(ReThink podcast, 28/01/2020)

Organ donation activist: “Drew had a big heart. I’m happy it’s still beating”
(Eve, 14/03/2019)

New food rules at Mater Dei: health-saving or micromanaging?
(Eve, 15/06/2018)

Mindfulness enthusiasts in business: this is science, not spirituality
(Eve, 14/09/2018)

As a news curator and fact-checker at NewsMavens (November 2017 – June 2019), I covered topics like mental health and reproductive rights in Malta

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Nanook: Mano gimdymas kaip ne mano (mistreatment of women during labour – English summary here)