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Innovators play a different game (interview with Rapelang Rabana, THINK magazine, June 2020)

One crop greener; the whole planet cleaner (THINK magazine, June 2020)

Meet Leon and Marcus, owners of half bitcoin ATMs in Malta (CryptoNews, 19/01/2018)

Food business makes a difference for migrant women (Eve, 30/12/2018)

Creativity and boredom in a Lithuanian town coping with globalisation (LT Daily, 17/12/2015)

LinkedIn Lithuania: crisis is catastrotunity for creative entrepreneurs (Cafe Babel, 10/04/2013)

In Lithuanian:

Levandų oazė – ir hobis, ir verslas (interview with Jūratė Lankauskaitė Kregždienė, Verslo pietūs, 2018-03-18)

Virtualios matavimosi kabinos įkūrėjas: ES pamažu naikina kliūtis el. prekybai (interview with Heikki Haldre, founder of Fits.me, a virtual fitting room, Euroblogas, 2015-04-23)

Vilnietis matematikas kuria sistemą, kaip uždirbti negaunant pinigų (Mathematician from Vilnius is creating a system to earn for work without using money, Euroblogas, 2016-03-15)

Ko reikia sėkmingam verslui: Tailando pamokos (What does it take to start a successful business: lessons from Thailand; Euroblogas, 30/03/2015)

Ar IT „geek’ų“ pasaulis atšiaurus merginoms? (Is the world of IT geeks hostile to girls? Euroblogas, 06/11/2014)

Keturios priežastys, kodėl tvarka ir chaosas Izraelyje padeda vystyti kūrybiškumą (Four reasons why order and chaos in Israel bolster creativity, BZN Start, 18/01/2016)

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