Portfolio: gender (in)equality


Thailand: nimble fingers, precarious lives (Equal Times, 09/10/2015)

Policing nudity in Malta (Eve, 24/08/2018)

Food business makes a difference for migrant women (Eve, 30/12/2018)

Will women be excluded from booming E-Stonia? (Equal Times, 2013)

My birth feels like it wasn’t mine (Nara, in Lithuanian, English summary here)


Muddling through stereotypes: a decade of traveling as an Eastern-European woman (Misadventures Mag, 09/11/2016)

Anti-violence protection – an issue confined to bedroom and shower? (Delfi, 10/04/2013).

Men – between nature and prohibitions (Delfi, 20/10/2011).

Women’s invisible disadvantages (Atgimimas, 04/12/2009)

A woman and a washing machine (Atgimimas, 20/02/2009, republished in Delfi).

A woman’s worth – three cents a minute (Atgimimas, 07/01/2007).


How linguistics helped me power up my language (interview with prof. Lydia Sciriha, THINK magazine, June 2020)

Meeting her match (interview with UEFA delegate Tanya Gravina) (Pink magazine, May 2018, p. 89)

Malta’s beloved fashionista Dorianne Mamo: I’m no wonderwoman and that’s OK
(Eve Malta, 12/07/2018)

Economist Marie Briguglio: GDP and inflation are proxies for measuring quality of life
(Eve Malta, 05/12/2017)

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