Portfolio: gender (in)equality


Thailand: nimble fingers, precarious lives (Equal Times, 09/10/2015)

Policing nudity in Malta (Eve, 24/08/2018)

Food business makes a difference for migrant women (Eve, 30/12/2018)


Will women be excluded from booming E-Stonia? (Equal Times, 08/03/2013)

Ultra-conservative politician wanted lover to have abortion (NewsMavens)

Women’s suffrage turns 100 in Lithuania: how far have we come? (NewsMavens)

Journalists take down pick-up artist — he’s now charged with rape (NewsMavens)

Legislating IVF in an embryo-loving country (NewsMavens)

EU agency hit with sexual harassment allegations (NewsMavens)

Report kindles debate about loosening abortion restrictions in Malta (NewsMavens)

Gender gap in Maltese media remains a burning issue (NewsMavens)


Muddling through stereotypes: a decade of traveling as an Eastern-European woman (Misadventures Mag, 09/11/2016)

Anti-violence protection – an issue confined to bedroom and shower? (Delfi, 10/04/2013).

Men – between nature and prohibitions (Delfi, 20/10/2011).

Women’s invisible disadvantages (Atgimimas, 04/12/2009)

A woman and a washing machine (Atgimimas, 20/02/2009, republished in Delfi).

A woman’s worth – three cents a minute (Atgimimas, 07/01/2007).

Inspiring women

Meeting her match (interview with UEFA delegate Tanya Gravina) (Pink magazine, May 2018, p. 89)

Malta’s beloved fashionista Dorianne Mamo: I’m no wonderwoman and that’s OK
(Eve Malta, 12/07/2018)

Economist Marie Briguglio: GDP and inflation are proxies for measuring quality of life
(Eve Malta, 05/12/2017)

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