My work for Cafe Babel

I am an active reporter and blogger for Cafe Babel, a multilingual European youth online magazine, since 2008. My profile with all articles and blog entries is here. You can follow my work on Twitter and Facebook.

I was the leader of Babel Lietuva, Cafe Babel’s Lithuanian branch, from 2011 to 2012. In 2010 and 2011 we hosted teams of international journalists in Vilnius under two “On the Ground” projects.


Political life of students in Istanbul (with Emmanuel Haddad, FR/EN, Cafe Babel, 16/11/2010)

Tomas Šileika: ‘We sing about what hurts in Lithuania’ (Cafe Babel, 23/05/2013)

LinkedIn Lithuania: crisis is catastrotunity for creative entrepreneurs (Cafe Babel, 10/04/2013)

Jerusalem Book Fair 2013 (Cafe Babel, 18/02/2013)

Post-revolution Egypt (Cafe Babel, 07/05/2011)

Interview: Kasparas Pocius, Free University activist, anarchist (Cafe Babel, 28/10/2009)

On expulsions of the Roma from France: blog entry for Wonderland (11/09/2010).

Privatization vs. multiculturalism – report on media and multiculturalism in Vojvodina, Serbia (Atgimimas, 17/07/2009). Related blog entry in English is here.

Eastern European? Become a bar hostess – journalistic experiment on finding employment in bars offering company of foreign women in Tokyo (Atgimimas, 24/04/2009). Related blog gentry in English is available here.

Lithuanian Independence Day tainted by a nationalist demonstration in Kaunas (Wonderland, 16/02/2011)

Media on pre-trial investigation against several Holocaust survivors (Wonderland, 28/10/2009)

Street art in Tel Aviv (Wonderland, 23/01/2010)

Yiddish poet Avrom Sutzkever dies in Tel Aviv (Wonderland, 24/01/2010)

Multilingual practices in Novi Sad, Serbia – a blog post for Wonderland (12/07/2009)

Southeast Asians, Africans and Eastern Europeans in Tel Aviv blog entry on Wonderland (27/11/2009).

Graffiti in Lithuania (Wonderland, 19/09/2010)


Tartu, Estonia (Wonderland, 02/10/2009)

Vilnius, Lithuania (Wonderland, 14/10/2009)

Christmas in Bethlehem, West Bank (Wonderland, 27/12/2009)

Jerusalem one and two, Israel and occupied territories (Wonderland, 06/01/2010, 09/11/2009 and 01/12/2009)

Tel Aviv alternatives, beaches, + restaurant review, Israel (Wonderland and Cafe Babel magazine, 22/12/2009 and 16/12/2009)

Be’er Sheva, Israel (Wonderland, 17/12/2009)

Hebron, West Bank (Wonderland, 20/05/2010)

Efrata (Jewish settlement), West Bank (Wonderland, 02/04/2010)

Paris, France (Wonderland, 12/01/2011)

Málaga, Spain (Wonderland, 17/11/2011)

Prague, Czech Republic (Wonderland, 14/12/2011)

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