Daily Archives: 2013-09-15

Perfection of mini vacations in Nida

Some people were suspicious why the New Left 95 movement had its annual conference in Nida, which is a Lithuanian seaside resort. It was too far to go for one day, and an expensive place to be. But in fact, when the tourist season ends, prices drop in Nida, and even middle class Lithuanians can afford having a conference there 🙂

There is no place this perfect in Lithuania. The whole Curonian Spit (a peninsula that starts in Kaliningrad) is protected by UNESCO and is also a nature reserve, so no developers can crowd it with hotels. This gives towns on the peninsula a cozy feel, but obviously drives the prices over the top. Most of tourists come from Germany. It is typical that all signs are in Lithuanian and German, and only in some places English and Russian are used as well. Many Germans know about the place because Thomas Mann used to live there. Continue reading