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Mogul sets off to lecture young people, admits infrastructure flaws

Real estate mogul Frank Salt, whose family-owned business is one of the largest in this sector in Malta, is known for writing somewhat puzzling columns for the Times of Malta, the country’s largest, conservative-leaning newspaper. I won’t help the editors, who eagerly publish all this, in their clickbaiting efforts, but you can find out about Salt’s interpretation of things by searching for his name plus ‘Times of Malta’.

In one of his columns in December this year, he said of British colonialism: “It was a match made in heaven.” Later in the column he wrote that it paid off to be friendly and not to mistreat people from other countries. Perhaps he was correcting the damage of his previous column, which I wanted to discuss here not because of its any meaningful contribution to public debates, but because of a very interesting warp in Salt’s reasoning, where he starts off by stereotyping and blaming people from other countries and ends up admitting that many of the problems boil down to bad infrastructure. Continue reading

A woman and a washing machine

[This article was published in Atgimimas in February 2009 (in Lithuanian). It was translated by professional translators for public procurement purposes. The copyright of the original article belongs to the publisher of AtgimimasPilietinės minties institutas, and the copyright of this English translation belongs to Gravitas Partners. The archives of Atgimimas are no longer available online.]

Recently, the results of a new study have been published in the media showing that Lithuanian women have better jobs and are better educated, compared to other EU countries. Nevertheless, while they are well-qualified and have jobs, their wages are far lower than that of their male counterparts and there are much fewer women in executive positions. The Lithuanian labour market remains highly segregated both horizontally (in terms of professions) and vertically (in terms of hierarchy, within an industry or a company). However, could the occasional discussions about this issue bring any change if we are bombarded by hordes of medieval stereotypes day after day? Continue reading