Cambridge revisited


Daffodils – click on the images to enlarge them

“… When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils”

This is Cambridge – wrapped in greenery and blossoms, full of wildlife and very village-like, although it has been urban and academic since the Middle Ages. This time I stayed at the edge of the town, close to Churchill College.

Cambridge horses

Cambridge horses

These horses look romantic, but in fact they are ill. This property on Madingley Road belongs to a veterinary research center.

My earlier trip to Cambridge was my very first experience of England, and I found it very, very strange. But this time I was staying with friends and had more time to explore the place. In fact, I even thought I would happily spend more time here. I visited three colleges (Fitzwilliam, Churchill and Robinson), and passed several more. I admired some very interesting buildings, such as the Judge Business School, which is built in some sort of supposedly oriental style. I also spent the first night ever at an Oxbridge college.


Cambridge feels extremely religious. It’s the only place so far where I’ve seen a poster wishing a “blessed and happy Lent”, and many streets, as well as colleges, are named after Christian saints, trinity, Jesus, etc.

Colleges are academic communities that organize day-to-day life for their students and fellows. People live, eat, study and rest there. Being accepted to a well-known college adds to the prestige of studying at Cambridge.

Panting by Clare's college

Panting by Clare’s college

Panting boats are a signature feature of Cambridge’s many canals. I still haven’t tried it.

Another interesting thing I had a chance to observe in Cambridge was a pub quiz at Sir Isaac Newton Pub on Castle Str. Most of the questions were from sports typical in England, but there were some from general education, which a foreigner could know as well, such as “what is the c in E=mc2?”

As always, people in Cambridge do not need to travel far – the whole world rushes to them. In addition to being one of the main intellectual hubs, the town would be a very nice place to stay a couple of days to enjoy nature and go people-watching.

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