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Short video about an evaluation of structural funds and equal opportunities

My last project at Public Policy and Management Institute was an evaluation of the impact of EU structural funds on gender equality and non-discrimination. In addition to data collection and presentation, I organized a conference with various stakeholders and contributed to another, quite an unusual output of the evaluation – a promotional video. This was the first time our team had such a task (of course, the technical part of it was outsourced, but we wrote the script and selected the projects). It was a great opportunity to learn how to present evaluation results using visual means. Our client, the Ministry of Finance, has uploaded the video on Youtube. Continue reading

Seminar on women’s entrepreneurship in London

In September, I had a chance to go to London again – this time to attend an inspiring seminar on promoting women′s entrepreneurship, which was organized by the European Commission and the UK government (summary). In addition to lots of new ideas, I found new Twitter accounts to follow, as the government agencies involved in this seminar, as well as the entrepreneurs who made speeches seem to be quite active on Twitter. One regret that I had was that there was some essentialization of women (women-run business reportedly being more community-oriented and less profit-driven). This appears to be backed by data, but it is always good to explain how these trends come about. Continue reading

Evaluation on equal opportunities in structural funds completed

Good news: colleagues from my old job at PPMI have finalized the project Evaluation of the impact of EU structural support on the implementation of the horizontal priority “Gender equality and non-discrimination” for the Lithuanian Ministry of Finance, where I was the key researcher and did most of the data collection and analysis. As I have written for PPMI website in the conclusions of the final conference, “the evaluation stated that groups experiencing discrimination benefited from EU structural investments, as illustrated by project case studies and a short promotional video created in the framework of this evaluation. However, there was a lack of a strategic approach to the horizontal priority and coherence at the level of Operational Programmes. This will have to be strengthened during the new programming period. Although the evaluation found similar trends in neighbouring countries, the cross-country comparison allowed identifying practices worth learning from. E.g. in Poland there was an inter-institutional equality network in place, Sweden benefited from the competences of equal opportunities experts at the local level, Latvia commissioned sectoral guidelines for the construction sector, and a goal to combat stereotypes was put forward in Estonia. The findings of the evaluation were presented discussed with stakeholders at an international conference. Representatives of project managers, NGOs, various ministries and the European Institute for Gender Equality took part.”

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My work as a consultant on equal opportunities

Eurogender Network: individual gender equality expert (profile)

Available for relevant assignments (email: research@daivarepeckaite.com)

With IRS – Istituto per la Ricerca Sociale (Italy):

  • EIGE Study on area F of the Beijing Platform for Action – Women and the Economy (national expert) [July 2013 – February 2014]
  • National expert at good practice exchange on Encouraging Female Entrepreneurship, [London 11-12 September 2014]: my comments paper

With Public Policy and Management Institute:

  • Evaluation questions on equal opportunities:
    • FP7 Marie Curie Actions Interim Evaluation (evaluator) for European Commission DG Education and Culture [December 2011 – December 2012];
    • Interim Evaluation of Erasmus Mundus II (2009-2013) (evaluator, coordinator) for European Commission DG Education and Culture [July 2011 – February 2012]
    • Interim Evaluation of the Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-2009 (evaluator, responsible for equal opportunities aspects) for European Commission DG Education and Culture [December 2009 – December 2010]
    • Study “VET financing mechanisms in selected EU member states“ (researcher, responsible for qualitative comparative analysis of effectiveness, efficiency and equity in the financing mechanisms studied) for CEDEFOP [2008-2009]
  • Consultation between policymakers and civil society:
    • Stakeholder consultation and needs assessment for the new PROGRESS Programme (evaluator, coordinator) for European Commission DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities [January-August 2011]
    • Feasibility study to examine the potential need for a Student Lending Facility at European Level (researcher, interviewer, responsible for equal opportunities aspects) for European Commission DG Education and Culture [February 2010 – December 2010]
  • Evaluations and studies on equal opportunities:
    • Evaluation of the impact of EU structural support on the implementation of the horizontal priority “gender equality and non-discrimination” for Ministry of Finance, Lithuania [June 2013 – January 2014]
    • Study on the translation of Article 16 of Regulation (EC) No. 1083/2006 on the promotion of gender equality, non-discrimination and accessibility for disabled persons, into cohesion policy programmes 2007-2013 co-financed by the ERDF and the Cohesion Fund (researcher) for European Commission DG Regional Policy [December 2008 – September 2009]
  • Practical guidance:
    • Consulting Lithuanian ministries on integration of horizontal priorities (gender equality, non-discrimination, universal design, youth) into EU structural investment projects [June 2015 onwards];
    • Technical assistance to the European Blind Union on carrying out a survey amongst EBU national members (within the framework of Progress performance monitoring – providing technical assistance for performance monitoring to the EU-wide networks) [June 2011 – September 2011]: developing a survey questionnaire, which is accessible to persons using voice-recognition technology, analyzing survey responses and reporting
    • Horizontal priorities: practical guide to applicants and project managers (analyst) for Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania [2009]

With Fondazione G. Brodolini (Italy):

Other contractors:

  • Researcher and consultant on EIGE’s 2016-2018 Stakeholders’ Engagement and Communications Strategy: Preparatory analysis and development – commissioned by EIGE, carried out by Verslo konsultantai/ Terra Brevis [2015]
  • National communications expert for Communications Review for the EEA Grants and Norway Grants – contracted by Coffey International Development (UK) [2015]
  • Author of the updated MISSOC social security guide for Lithuania – contracted by TIPIK agency (Brussels) [2014, forthcoming on European Commission’s website]
  • Lithuanian moderator for the Single Market Month debates – contracted by MOSTA (Brussels) [2013]
  • Giving presentations and facilitating workshops on equal opportunities for students and regional media in Klaipėda and Šiauliai in a project commissioned by the Office of the Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson (Lithuania)
  • Presentation “‘Natural’ national family: the Lithuanian case” at the international conference ‘Lithuania and Belarus: policies of normalisation’ (Vilnius, 8 May 2009)
  • Presentation “Passive Femininity in Lithuanian Commercials” at the international interdisciplinary conference “Culture and media: local and global aspects” (Vilnius, May 22-23, 2009)

All published evaluation reports and articles are available on my Academia.edu website