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A woman’s worth – three cents a minute

[This article was published in Atgimimas in February 2009 (in Lithuanian). It was translated by professional translators for public procurement purposes. The copyright of the original article belongs to the publisher of AtgimimasPilietinės minties institutas, and the copyright of this English translation belongs to Gravitas Partners. The archives of Atgimimas are no longer available online.]

“I am Ericsson and this is my wife Sonia Ericsson – only three cents per minute,” says a neatly coiffed blond man. In the next shot, grinning “Sonia” is already seated on a table, manifestly ready for whatever is going to fetch her the paltry three cents.

Never mind that the “client” in this commercial did not ask for “Ericsson’s” soliciting services, nor his wife’s (who does not even speak for herself), they only needed a phone. A worthy businessman must cater to his clients’ unexpressed desires – they, the providers of services, know better what their clients want than the clients themselves. And an enticing “sonia” of one sort or another is an absolutely indispensable addition to a handset, a record-player or a refrigerator. Continue reading