Summaries of my selected articles in Lithuanian

Since summer 2013 the website of Atgimimas weekly, where I worked from 2005 to 2011, is down. For this reason many of the links do not work. I will look for possibilities to retrieve my articles from the archives of the weekly.

European politics:

Report from a meeting with Olli Rehn on EU enlargement, Brussels, (Atgimimas, September 2008). As a part of the prize for the European Young Journalist Award, a group of awarded young journalists was offered an opportunity to meet Commissioner Rehn and discuss EU enlargement. During the press conference, Mr Rehn said it was certain that Croatia would become EU’s next Member State, unless Iceland were to apply in three weeks. As the economic crisis started to swing European economies, Iceland indeed applied.

Liberty, equality… expulsion – on Roma evictions in France (Atgimimas, 02/09/2010). Related blog entry here.

Nationalism in Europe (Atgimimas, 26/06/2009), also republished by leading news portal Delfi. This article compared and analyzed the rise of ultra-nationalism in Europe.

Defending ideas or milking Brussels? – European Parliament elections in 2009 (Atgimimas, 12/06/2009). This op-ed argued that the common position of politicians running for European Parliament elections in Lithuania that they were going to defend Lithuania’s interests is not quite in line with the duties they will have as MEPs.

Culture and society:

Lithuanian encounters at Jerusalem Book Fair 2013 (, 19/02/2013)

Lithuanians shook up Brazil (IQ, September 2010)

Popcultural flood – Korean pop culture abroad (Atgimimas, 15/07/2011)

Global language of movement – break dance in South Korea (Atgimimas, 08/07/2011) – a report from an international B-Boy competition in Seoul

Gender and nationalism conference in Amsterdam (Atgimimas, 04/02/2011)

Patriotism breathes revolution – post-revolution Egypt, including interviews with activists, ordinary Egyptians, and a photo-feature. I visited Egypt in April 2011 in order to see the impacts of the revolution on its society, particularly young people (Atgimimas, 29/04/2011)

Exhibition ‘Hitler and the Germans’ in Berlin (Atgimimas, 05/11/2010) – a report from a controversial exhibition in Berlin, which for the first time after WWII brought Nazi symbols to public space (in posters advertising the exhibition). In addition to documents, artifacts and explanations about how the Nazis succeeded in brainwashing large parts of the German population, the exhibition contained experimental Hitler-themed art.

Multiculturalism in South Tel Aviv (Atgimimas, 04/12/2009)

Privatization vs. multiculturalism – report on media and multiculturalism in Vojvodina, Serbia (Atgimimas, 17/07/2009). Related blog entry in English is here.

Eastern European? Become a bar hostess – journalistic experiment on finding employment in bars offering company of foreign women in Tokyo (Atgimimas, 24/04/2009). Related blog gentry in English is available here.

Descendents of rebels protest quietly – on alternative subcultures in Japan (Atgimimas, 01/05/2009)

International Labor Solidarity Day in Tokyo, with interviews with a refugee worker and a representative of the Japan Railways Union (Atgimimas, 08/05/2009)

A glance at the margins of Japanese capitalism – homelessness in Japan, including interviews with homeless people in Yoyogi park. I collected information on homelessness in Japan and contacted an artist who lives with the homeless people in Yoyogi. She was not available on the day I went to the park, so I interviewed a couple of homeless people on my own (Atgimimas, 17/04/2009)

The ideology and logic of women’s emancipation – a short analysis of the Scandinavian women’s movement, written when I was an exchange student in Sweden for a students’ newspaper in Vilnius (Post Scriptum No. 8, 2005

Lithuanian politics and society:

Do politicians care about us? – comment on the extent to which electoral platforms of the main political parties in the 2012 general election reflect issues relevant to women (Cosmopolitan, September 2012 – scanned).

New media – discussion with Pierre Haski (Atgimimas, 27/05/2011)

Lithuania’s PISA results, including interview with higher education expert (Atgimimas, 17/12/2010)

Apostasy in Lithuania, including interviews with activists and a priest. While the Catholic Church formally allows people to denounce their faith, a group of atheists willing to exit the church they did not voluntarily join, reports to be struggling with the formal procedures (Atgimimas, 10/07/2010)

European Video Education Forum in Vilnius (Atgimimas, 09/10/2009)

EU doesn’t want political prisoners – European reactions to controversial media law against ‘promotion’ of homosexuality (Atgimimas, 02/10/2009)

Lithuania’s offer to host several Guantanamo inmates with analysis by a leading Lithuanian expert of Islam and a lawyer (Atgimimas, 20/02/2009)


Jean-Yves Potel on historical memory (Atgimimas, 23/06/2011)

Berengere Kolly on sisterhood and French values (Atgimimas, 17/06/2011)

Shaya Epstein, Holocaust commemoration activist based in Tel Aviv remembers the deceased Lithuanian president Algirdas Brazauskas (Atgimimas, 02/07/2010)

Alexander Bogen, famous Israeli artist of Lithuanian origin (Atgimimas, 06/11/2009)

Jeroen Huisman, higher education expert, on challenges and opportunities for higher education in small countries (Atgimimas, 27/02/2009)

Dr. Nida Vasiliauskaitė, philosopher, eyewitness of the conflict in Abkhasia (Atgimimas, September 2008).


The times of patented pollen – GMO regulations in the EU (Atgimimas, 22/07/2010)

Do we need apocalyptic discourse to start caring about the environment? (Atgimimas, 16/09/2010)

On the legalization of swastika-like symbols as a part of ‘heritage’ (Atgimimas, 11/06/2010)

Reaction to anti-liberal claims by famous academics (Atgimimas, 19/02/2010)

Asphalt under our feet and quarrels – on the changing image of the EU in Lithuania after EU accession (Atgimimas, May 2009)

Woman and washing machine – on women in Lithuanian commercials (Atgimimas, February 2009)

Hate incitement in Lithuania by famous people (Atgimimas, November 2008)

Woman’s worth – 3 ct/minute – on sexist commercials by various companies (Atgimimas/Delfi, 08/01/2007)


Haifa and Ein Hod, Israel (Atgimimas, 13/11/2009)

Yad vaShem museum, Jerusalem, Israel (Atgimimas, 11/12/2009)

Christmas in Bethlehem, West Bank (Atgimimas, 15/01/2010)

Golan Heights, Israel (Atgimimas, 02/04/2010)

Hebron, West Bank (Atgimimas, 04/06/2010)

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