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Women’s invisible disadvantages

[This article was published in Atgimimas in February 2009 (in Lithuanian). It was translated by professional translators for public procurement purposes. The copyright of the original article belongs to the publisher of AtgimimasPilietinės minties institutas, and the copyright of this English translation belongs to Gravitas Partners. The archives of Atgimimas are no longer available online.]

Statistical data about the situation of women in Lithuania might not correspond to everyday experiences of a typical reader, yet the effects of this far from satisfactory state of affairs are felt by the entire society, says Daiva Repečkaitė.

 According to a recent survey published by DELFI, two thirds of people who newly emigrate from Lithuania are women – and reasons behind that, say interviewed experts, include not just the “glass ceiling” in their professional lives, but also gendered violence and solitude. Continue reading