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North America trip days 6 and 7: Hollywood and Santa Monica

I have to say I didn’t quite make friends with LA, because it was very difficult to navigate without a car, and reading a guide book scared me a lot – there was an extensive list of where not to go alone, where not to go in the dark, and where not to go at all. But fortunately, I did make friends in LA – for which I’m very grateful.

Exploring Hollywood with a new friend [click on the images to enlarge them]

Exploring Hollywood with a new friend [click on the images to enlarge them]

Feeling a bit tense, I wrote to a few people on Couchsurfing and got some responses, but only one person found the time to meet up. I met the CSer twice, and he was very kind to show me various things and drive me around when he had time after work. It was doubly interesting to hear his perspective, since he is one of the young people trying to “make it” in LA: he works as an actor, but to balance his income also does camera work and editing. This gave me an idea of the supply chain at work in the huge city with a lot of talent.

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North America trip day 5: UCLA sculpture garden

This horse is a part of the Murphy sculpture garden on UCLA campus. Its author is Deborah Butterfield. Believe it or not, the horse is made out of metal, beautifully made to look like wood. The garden’s patron wanted to create a space to appreciate beauty from the most abstract to the most detailed forms. The garden also includes four plaques featuring a woman’s figure by Matisse, going from detailed to abstract over 20 years of the artist’s career. There is also one work of a Lithuanian artist, Vladas Vildžiūnas, whose “Bird Goddess” is also erected in the Baltic Sea resort Palanga in addition to here in LA. Although Vildžiūnas worked in the USSR, quite a few of his works were exhibited in the US in the 70s.

UCLA seems to be as cool as I expected. I would really like to spend more time here. Here’s more from the UCLA campus:

UCLA campus [click on the image to enlarge it]

UCLA campus: bottom right image is the collection of Matisse works [click on the image to enlarge it]