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Lake Vištytis: natural wonders and border tourism

Vištyčio ežerasI discovered Vištytis in March while carrying out a project on borders. Everything was covered with snow and the little houses on the campsite by the lake seemed lonely and as though they were spending winter in hibernation. But I was interested in everything: the mysterious landscape, conversations with locals who speak both neighbour countries’ languages, and the legends about the devil that carried the stone – we had to study this in primary school. I thought that not only the beauty of the surroundings and its special location on the border, but also the charming coat of arms with a unicorn would be useful for Vištytis’ tourism marketing (more on heraldry here – a cartoon style coat of arms from 1757-1792). Therefore, when the weather got warmer, I invited my friend, a keen traveller, to explore this beautiful site in more depth.

Vištytis is a special place, because the state and administrative dependency have changed since the times of Teutonic Order and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, but the status of the borderland has remained the same.

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Schengen (non-)borders: if you like it then you shouldn’t put a ring on it!

I′d like to share a link to a collection of photos from Europe′s ′peaceful borders′.

Of course, let’s not forget that this comes at the expense of neighbors beyond Schengen area. But in any case, borderless life makes a huge difference. This was one thing I loved about living in Luxembourg – that there are no borders in any direction (my older articles in Lithuanian on this topic: about borderless travel in Scandinavia and in Luxembourg). Let′s hope these borders will stay that way.