Bicycle paths in Vilnius

More and more people are cycling in Vilnius, which prompts a need for better cycling lanes. The new ones are convenient, but many of the old cycling lanes cause many inconveniences for cyclists and pedestrians alike, causing unnecessary urban conflicts.

Bicycle path on Kalinausko str.

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This one on Kalinausko str. is an example, where the designated bicycle path runs right in the middle of the sidewalk, on the side where pedestrians normally walk. This way two pedestrians can’t walk side-by-side. Also, the parts next to those trees and private houses are not as convenient for walking as the center of the sidewalk. Since there aren’t many cyclists, pedestrians choose to ignore the signs and walk as they are used to.

There is another part of the sidewalk – between the trees and the street. It would have been more logical if the bicycle lane ran there, next to the street. This would also allow cyclists to cross the street easier. But as it is, I got the habit of walking on this part of the sidewalk – now that I cycle more and more often, I try to make fewer obstacles to cyclists.

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