North America trip day 1: the Mission

I’m doing an American-style ‘eurotrip’, but in the US.

I learned about the concept of ‘doing Europe in 7 days’ in high school English class. Now I’ll try to ‘do’ the US in two weeks.

I started with observing the legendary murals in the Mission, San Francisco. Surprises so far: some advertisements are in Spanish only, and the ubiquitousness of Spanish is impressive.

The murals often use elements from the Mayan mythology and some add something from India to play around with the double meaning of ‘Indian’ in the past. Migration of native Americans, some of whom still speak Mayan, added native Americans in the places where they were driven away from or assimilated.

The murals often depicted various mythical characters, but there was a copyright sign under almost each of them. Good that ancient Mayans didn’t have copyright.

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