Centre of Kyiv in 2007

800 Kilometres From Kyiv, Lithuanians Wake Up With Flashbacks of Tanks

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“I’ve forgotten how to have conversations about non-Ukraine,” a friend in Vilnius responds to a message about my day. Since Russia invaded Ukraine, conversations with family and friends in Lithuania inevitably touch on one of the following: stomach cramps, insomnia, or flashbacks to seeing tanks in 1991, when Soviet troops killed 14 people and injured many more. Essay for Are …

A cycle path next to a stylised image of a cyclist

European transport’s Cinderella — EUIdeas

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Users of commuter and cargo bikes, e-scooters, pushchairs, and everyone else who is not in a car are forced to mix in urban infrastructure despite their starkly different speeds. By failing to consider this, cities are designing not for health, climate and jobs, but for conflict, injury and chaos. Op-ed for EUIdeas.