Portfolio: gender (in)equality

Baltikum: Tolerant statt sowjetisch (Der Spiegel, 29/08/2015)

Thailand: nimble fingers, precarious lives (Equal Times, 09/10/2015)

Baltic Pride: united activists, divided politicians (Equal Times, 01/08/2013)

Will women be excluded from booming E-Stonia? (Equal Times, 08/03/2013)

Together, but not equal (EYP Voice, 08/10/2012)

Anti-violence protection – an issue confined to bedroom and shower? (Delfi, 10/04/2013).

Men – between nature and prohibitions (Delfi, 20/10/2011).

Women’s invisible disadvantages (Atgimimas, 04/12/2009)

A woman and a washing machine (Atgimimas, 20/02/2009, republished in Delfi).

A woman’s worth – three cents a minute (Atgimimas, 07/01/2007).

In Lithuanian

Ar IT „geek’ų“ pasaulis atšiaurus merginoms? (Is the world of IT geeks hostile to girls? Euroblogas, 06/11/2014)

Feminizmas: kaip nepaleisti iškelto tikslo? (Feminism: how not to lose sight of the goal; Delfi)

Mergaičių seksualizavimas – nekaltas žaidimas? (Sexualization of girls – an innocent game? Euroblogas and Delfi)

Ar mes rūpime politikams? (Do politicians care about us?) for the Lithuanian Cosmopolitan, scanned

Moterys, valdžia ir istorinis nesusipratimas (Women, government and a historical misunderstanding – about European Parliament elections, Euroblogas)

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